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Bulk Bags - FIBCs

We carry a range of bulk bags that will suit most needs - 1m3 or 1 tonne bags (rated to 1500kg), 0.5m3 or 500kg bags (rated to 750kg) and 0.25m3 / 250kg bags (rated to 500kg).


Our Bulk Bags / FIBC Bags

Bulk Bag/ FIBC Type1-23-910-4950+
1/4 Cube Bulk Bags$13.95$12.95$11.95$11.45
1/2 Cube Bulk Bags$16.95$15.95$14.95$14.45
1 Cube Bulk Bags$19.95$17.95$15.95$14.95

Our Selection of Bulk Bags:

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