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Bulk Bags - FIBCs

Our bulk bags, or FIBCs, are highly versatile and cost-effective containers made from a heavy-duty polypropylene fabric. They efficiently transport and heavy-duty polypropylene fabricrtation and storage costs significantly. With up to a 1500kg capacity, they handle grains, chemicals, and various construction materials effectively. These bags are easy to handle with four lifting loops, adapt to contents' shapes, and contribute to sustainability through reusability and recycling. In various industries, they enhance material handling and storage efficiency.


Our Bulk Bags / FIBC Bags

Bulk Bag/ FIBC Type1-23-910-4950-99100+
1/4 Cube Bulk Bags$14.95$13.95$12.95$11.95P.O.R.
1/2 Cube Bulk Bags$16.95$15.95$14.95$13.95P.O.R.
1 Cube Bulk Bags$19.95$18.95$17.95$16.95P.O.R.

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