Sandbags filled & empty

We have a complete range of sandbags both filled and empty. We have natural fibre hessian (jute) sandbags as well as high quality synthetic fibre sandbags which last in the harsh New Zealand environment due to the UV protection additives. We have 5 different styles of sandbags to meet all your needs and various colours. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact with us regarding any questions you may have about our sand bags.


Our Bulk Bags / FIBC Bags

Bulk Bag/ FIBC Type1-910-4950-99100+
Clearance 1/4 Cube Bulk Bags$12.95$10.95$8.95$7.95
1/4 Cube Bulk Bags$13.95$11.95$9.95$8.95
1/2 Cube Bulk Bags$16.95$14.95$12.95$11.95
1 Cube Bulk Bags$18.95$16.95$14.95$13.95

Our Selection of Bulk Bags:

What Bulk Bag is best for me?