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Filled Sandbags

We have a complete bagging service that can fill sandbags as well as FIBC's/Bulk Bags. We can fill your bags with just about any sand or aggregate. All our bags are made from a high-grade virgin HDPE materials which means they will last out in the extreme UV light here in New Zealand. We stock hessian (100% biodegradable), woven polypropylene and HDPE bags.  Our HDPE bags contain UV inhibitors so they last 5 x longer than ordinary untreated PP bags. We carry a full range of filled sandbags that will suit almost every need – from Standard, Heavy-Duty and Super-Duty bags.


20kg Standard Sand Bags - 70gsm

Standard Sandbag Volume Discounts

20kg Heavy-Duty Sand Bags - 135gsm

HD Sandbag Volume Discounts

20kg Super-Duty Sand Bags - 200gsm

SD Sandbag Volume Discounts

20kg Hessian Sand Bags - 250gsm

Hessian Sandbag Volume Discounts

Tube Sand Bags - 200gsm

90cm Tube Sandbag Volume Discounts
120cm Tube Sandbag Volume Discounts
150cm Tube Sandbag Volume Discounts

Product Selection

Standard 75gsm
Heavy Duty 135gsm
Super Duty 200gsm
Super Duty 200gsm
Super Duty 200gsm
Super Duty 200gsm
Army Green
Super Duty 200gsm
90cm Tube 200gsm
120cm Tube 200gsm
Army Green
150cm Tube 200gsm
150cm Tube 200gsm
Self-Inflating Sandbag

Volume Discounts

Sandbag Type1-910-4950-99100+
20kg Standard Sandbags - 75gsm$6.75$6.45$5.95$5.45
20kg Heavy-Duty Sandbags - 135gsm$7.15$6.85$6.35$5.85
20kg Super Duty Sandbags - 200gsm$7.45$6.95$6.45$5.95
20kg Hessian SandbagsP.O.AP.O.A$7.45$7.15
Self-Inflating Sandbags$9.95$9.45$8.95$8.45
10kg Tube Sandbags (90cm) - 200gsm$7.95$7.65$7.35$6.95
20kg Tube Sandbags (120cm) - 200gsm$8.45$8.15$7.85$7.45
20kg Tube Sandbags (150cm) - 200gsm$8.95$8.65$8.35$7.95
For enquiries over 200 bags email us for pricing: [email protected]

Shipping Information:

Shipping is available for filled sandbags to our North Island customers. Within Auckland we have a moffatt that can deliver sandbags to people who do not have a forklift to unload the bags from the truck. You can select that freight option when processing your order in the cart. Outside of Auckland a forklift is required for larger orders that are transported by pallet. Call us if you have any questions about freight.

Our sandbags are suitable for the following applications:

  • Storm & Flood Protection
  • Erosion Control
  • Water Diversion
  • Building & Construction
  • Spill Containment
  • Temporary Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Levee Reinforcement
  • Storm Surges
  • & much more
Watch and find out which sandbag is best for you:

Bag Life Outdoors:

1. Standard white sandbag: 6 months life outdoors (flood control bags)
2. Heavy duty tan sandbag: 12 months life outdoors
3. Super heavy duty black sandbag: 24 months life outdoors