Decorative Stones

Decorative stones complement and enhance your garden, patio, courtyards, planter pots and pathways. We have a great of variety of different coloured and styled stones to meet also any need landscaping need. Please contact us if you have questions about any of the products.


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Volume Discounts

Sandbag Type1-910-4950-99100+
Scoria 25/7 - 20kg$7.95$7.55$6.25$6.95
Golden Blend - 20kg$8.45$7.95$7.55$7.25
White Chip - 20kg$9.45$8.95$8.55$8.25
Small & Medium River Stones - 20kg$8.25$7.75$7.35$7.05

Shipping Information:

Shipping is available for our North Island customers. Please note that orders of more than 38 bags will require a forklift to unload.