Artificial Turf Sand – 20kg Bags

Turf Sand – 20Kg Bags

We have three different types of sand to choose from and your choice will depend on the specifications of the manufacturer and your time and budget. All the sands are finely graded and will do the job.

1. 100% kiln-dried silica sand
2. East Coast Sand – 90% silica (damp)
3. Fine River Sand – 50% silica (damp)

– Holds grass in position
– Prevents rippling
– Protects fibres
– Increases fire resistance
– Improves drainage
– A cooler surface
– Prevents theft

From $6.45


How much Sand does my turf require?
It depends on pile height and the turf gauge but as a general rule of thumb make your sand height 60% of the pile height.

How do you apply the Sand to your turf?
If you purchase the damp sand you will need to dry it in sun before being able to use a drop spreader, fertiliser spreader, a leaf blower or stiff broom to effectively distribute it across the lawn. The kiln-dried silica sand is difinately the most convenient sand to use but it is also the most expensive. And although the other sands are half the price they do require curing in the sun to make them dry enough to spread over the lawn.

Volume Discounts

Sandbag Type1-910-4950-99100+
Fine River Sand / Plaster Sand - 20kg$7.45$7.05$6.75$6.45
Medium River Sand / Builders Sands / No.1 Sand - 20kg$6.45$6.05$5.75$5.45
Coarse River Sand / AP3 / Pumice Sand - 20kg$6.45$6.05$5.75$5.45
East Coast Sand / Sandpit Sand - 20kg$8.15$7.75$7.45$7.15
Silica Sand - 20kg$14.95$14.55$14.25$13.95
Builders Mix (BM20) - 20kg$6.95$6.55$6.25$5.95

Shipping Information:

Shipping is available for our North Island customers. Please note that orders of more than 38 bags will require a forklift to unload.
Weight20 kg
Dimensions75 × 35 × 10 cm
Sand Option:

100% Silica Sand, 90% Silica Sand, 50% Silica Sand


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