Bedding Paving Sand

Bedding Paving Sand – 20Kg

The most important thing about your bedding layer is that it is firm, strong and flat. A 100mm GAP7 base provides an excellent strong bedding material that has a tight interlocking stone matrix that prevents sand granules from draining away (over the long term GAP7 gives you the best chance for your pavers or cobbles not to subside) but is more difficult to get a flat smooth surface. If you can achieve that there is no need for a sand layer over the top. However, in most cases we would recommend a thin layer of Coarse or Medium river sand over a GAP7 base to give you the best chance of a long-term smooth finish.

– Compact strong GAP7 base
– Apply thin layer of bedding sand for a smooth finish

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Bedding Paving Sand is the basecourse under which pavers or cobbles are laid. We recommend:
1. GAP7
2. AP3
2. Medium River Sand

Weight20 kg
Dimensions75 × 35 × 10 cm
Sand Options

Coarse River Sand, GAP 7, Medium River Sand


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