Bedding Paving Sand – 20kg Bags

Bedding Paving Sand – 20Kg

Bedding Paving Sand is the basecourse layer directly under the pavers or cobbles. We would recommend a 100mm layer of GAP7 under the 20-30mm layer of Bedding Paving Sand for the best long term success. Our bedding paving sand has good drainage and compaction qualities and with fewer fines there is less chance of sand loss in periods of heavy rain. NB/ Good drainage around pavers is vital for your paving job to be looking good in 5 years time.

– 20-30mm bedding layer for pavers
– Soil and potting mix sand
– Pipe bedding media

– Good compaction
– Good drainage qualities
– Lower fine loss

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Bedding Paving Sand is also called No.3 Sand and AP3 (all passing 3mm sand). An alternative product that we would recommend for covered tile areas would be:
1. Medium River Sand

The most important thing for a successful paving job is that you have a firm, strong and flat base. A 100mm GAP7 base provides an excellent strong bedding material that has a tight interlocking stone matrix that prevents sand granules from draining through. Over the long term GAP7 gives you the best chance for your pavers or cobbles not to subside but as it difficult to get a smooth flat smooth surface you need a 20-30mm sand layer over the top. Our 3mm Bedding Paving Sand is the best top layer as it helps water to drain quickly without losing lots of fines which ultimately results in tile subsidence.

Another important factor for long-term success is good drainage. Does your site pool with water? Have some trenching with SAP7 nearby to divert water away quickly. Too many people, including myself, have looked backed 3-5 years later and wished they had gone to a little more trouble. Give the site a survey and evaluate where water comes from, where it goes and decide if you need any drainage and where it should go.

Volume Discounts

Sandbag Type1-910-4950-99100+
Fine River Sand / Plaster Sand - 20kg$7.45$7.05$6.75$6.45
Medium River Sand / Builders Sands / No.1 Sand - 20kg$6.45$6.05$5.75$5.45
Coarse River Sand / AP3 / Pumice Sand - 20kg$6.45$6.05$5.75$5.45
East Coast Sand / Sandpit Sand - 20kg$8.15$7.75$7.45$7.15
Silica Sand - 20kg$14.95$14.55$14.25$13.95
Builders Mix (BM20) - 20kg$6.95$6.55$6.25$5.95

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Shipping is available for our North Island customers. Please note that orders of more than 38 bags will require a forklift to unload.
Weight20 kg
Dimensions75 × 35 × 10 cm
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Bedding Paving Sand, GAP 7


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