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Introducing our Heavy Duty Gold Sandbags – the gold standard in protection. Made from a durable HDPE with maximum UV treatment, these bags offer a 12-month lifespan, outlasting most bags on the market. Versatile, suitable for 20kg of sand (rated to much more), they ensure superior quality and reliability for flood prevention and erosion control. Upgrade to excellence.

  • 135gsm
  • UV Protectants
  • 12 months life of sun exposure
  • Flexible HDPE material
  • Comes with ties sewn into the bag
  • Cost-Effective and Reliable
  • Perfect for a Variety of Applications
  • 75cm x 37cm
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Our Gold-Colored Heavy Duty Sandbags can be used for flood prevention and erosion control and much more. With a durable 135gsm HDPE weave, UV protectants, and convenient sewn-in ties, these sandbags ensure superior performance. Measuring 75cm x 37cm, they provide ample size for versatile applications. Enhance your protection and stability with our premium Gold-Colored Heavy Duty Sandbags.


Discover the ultimate solution for flood prevention, erosion control, and a multitude of other applications with our Standard Sandbags. Crafted from high-quality HDPE weave and treated with UV protectants, these sandbags redefine durability, offering a remarkable 6-month lifespan compared to untreated counterparts, which typically last only 6 weeks.

  1. Unparalleled Barrier Protection: Upgrade to our Heavy-Duty Sandbags for top-notch, long-lasting protection, thanks to their robust 200gsm weave and UV treatment.
  2. Durability and Strength: These sandbags are engineered for durability and strength, featuring a reinforced weave that resists tearing and bursting.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Enjoy an extended 12-36 months of reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  4. Outperformance: Super-Heavy-Duty Sandbags outshine the competition, ensuring your protection needs are met effectively.
  5. Versatile Applications: Perfect for flood prevention, erosion control, and water diversion, these sandbags offer versatility for various applications.
  6. Built-In Ties: Experience convenience with built-in ties that eliminate the hassle of using wire ties.
  7. UV-Resistant: Treated with UV protectants, these sandbags remain effective even in prolonged sunlight, ensuring long-lasting reliability.
  8. Convenient Closure: Some variants include ties sewn into the bag for easy and convenient closure, simplifying deployment.
  9. Cost-Effective Solution: Super-Heavy-Duty Sandbags are not only cost-effective due to their durability but also provide peace of mind.
  10. Reliable Protection: Trust these sandbags to deliver reliable protection for flood prevention, erosion control, slope stabilization, and equipment security.
  11. Comprehensive Barrier Solution: With their superior durability, versatility, UV resistance, and extended lifespan, these sandbags offer a comprehensive solution for all your barrier protection needs.
  12. Unbeatable Performance: Upgrade today for unbeatable performance and unmatched durability in safeguarding your property and assets.

Elevate your protection with our Super-Heavy-Duty Sandbags. Featuring a sturdy 200gsm weave and UV treatment, they outlast competitors at 12-36 months. Perfect for flood prevention and erosion control, these cost-effective, durable, and UV-resistant sandbags come with built-in ties for added convenience. Experience superior reliability. Upgrade today!

Volume Discounts

Standard Hessian Bags$3.25$2.95$2.65$2.35$2.25
Large Hessian Bags$9.95$8.95$7.95$7.45$6.95
Standard Bags - 75gsm$1.40$1.20$1.05$0.90$0.75
Heavy-Duty Bags - 135gsm$2.35$1.95$1.75$1.55$1.35
Super-Duty Bags - 200gsm$2.95$2.55$2.15$1.85$1.65
Small Sandbags - 10kg Super-Duty$3.75$3.25$2.85$2.55$2.35
Tube Sandbags - 90cm$3.95$3.45$3.05$2.75$2.55
Tube Sandbags - 120cm$4.65$4.15$3.75$3.45$3.25
Tube Sandbags - 150cm$5.35$4.85$4.45$4.15$3.95


Weight0.11 kg
Dimensions75 × 40 × .1 cm
SandBag Type

Empty Sandbag, Filled Sandbag – 20kg


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