Filled Heavy-Duty Sandbags – 20kg Red

From $5.75 From $4.95

Due to COVID supply issues our heavy-duty bags were made without additives that hold the product colour (this is not the case with any of our other products). As a result our the product is turning pink in the sun. If you require sandbags that are going to be exposed to the sun and the colour is important to you – try another one of our products. If the colour is not important or the bags are going to be kept out of the sun then you get the benefit of great pricing.

Filled heavy-duty 20kg sand bags are perfect for flood prevention, erosion control and water diversion. Made from 135gms weave with UV protectants these bags will last 12 months out in the harsh NZ sun.

  • 135gsm
  • UV Protectants
  • Dimensions: 70×35×10cm
  • 12 months life in the sun
  • Heavy duty weave
  • Made from environmentally friendly polypropylene material