Sandpit Sand – 20kg Bags

Sandpit Sand – 20Kg Bags

Our sandpit sand is a light yellow colour that looks fantastic in a sandpit and because it is a very fine soft sand it holds moisture for longer which helps the sand to clump together for longer. This means kids have more fun building sandcastles with our sand.

– Sandpits – both domestic and commercial
– Fine mortar mixes

– Light yellowish colour looks great
– Holds shape longer
– Graded to 0.6mm

Another product to consider is 1mm Fine River Sand. It is of a similar grading and costs less but it is a darker grey colour.

Sandpit Sand Price Breaks
1 - 910 - 4950 - 99100+
1mm River Sand Price Breaks
1 - 910 - 4950 - 99100+

From $7.15


Our Sandpit Sand comes from the upper North Island East Coast shoreline – resource consented of course. It is the first choice sand for landscapers and kindergartens who are building sandpits. Alternative sand products that we would recommend are:
1. 1mm Fine River Sand
2. 2mm Medium River Sand

Please note that sandpit sand is the most expensive options while 2mm river sand is the cheapest. The difference is the sandpit sand looks yellow and retains the shape of the sandcastle for longer because of the fine grains while the river sand is darker and because of the bigger grains it dries faster and sandcastles disintegrate quicker. A middle compromise is the 1mm river sand.

Volume Discounts

Sandbag Type1-910-4950-99100+
Fine River Sand / Plaster Sand - 20kg$7.45$7.05$6.75$6.45
Medium River Sand / Builders Sands / No.1 Sand - 20kg$6.45$6.05$5.75$5.45
Coarse River Sand / AP3 / Pumice Sand - 20kg$6.45$6.05$5.75$5.45
East Coast Sand / Sandpit Sand - 20kg$8.15$7.75$7.45$7.15
Silica Sand - 20kg$14.95$14.55$14.25$13.95
Builders Mix (BM20) - 20kg$6.95$6.55$6.25$5.95

Shipping Information:

Shipping is available for our North Island customers. Please note that orders of more than 38 bags will require a forklift to unload.
Weight20 kg
Dimensions75 × 35 × 10 cm
Sand Options

Fine River Sand, Sandpit Sand


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