Standard Laminated Sandbags – 75gsm

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Laminated Empty Sandbags

White 75gsm laminated bags excel in various ways. Their sturdy build ensures durability for storing powders and fine materials securely. The laminated surface safeguards against moisture, maintaining a clean and professional look. These bags are perfect for preserving your contents in a sleek and protective package.

  • 75gsm
  • UV Protectants
  • 6-12 months life in exposed to NZ sun
  • Laminated – perfect for fine powders and sand
  • Virgin HDPE which makes it strong and flexible
  • Comes with ties sewn into the bag
  • Rated to 20kg
  • Dimensions: 75cm × 37cm
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Our white laminated sandbags are the ideal solution for fine powdered products or sand. Crafted from a 75gsm HDPE weave with UV protectants, these bags offer exceptional durability and longevity.


Laminated storage bags offer a multitude of added benefits that enhance their practicality and versatility.

  1. Enhanced Barrier: Lamination forms a robust barrier against external factors like moisture, dirt, and dust, ensuring the contents remain in pristine condition, whether you're storing food products or delicate items.
  2. Improved Shelf Life: These bags are perfect for preserving the freshness and longevity of perishable items, as they shield against external contaminants and maintain product quality.
  3. Increased Strength: The lamination process fortifies the bag material, making it more resistant to tears and punctures, providing additional protection for delicate or valuable items.
  4. Versatile Use: Laminated bags are suitable for a wide range of applications, from food packaging to industrial storage, offering a flexible solution for various needs.
  5. Unrivaled Versatility: Our sandbags are the go-to choice for a wide range of needs. They excel at safeguarding property against floods, controlling erosion, stabilizing slopes, preventing soil erosion, and serving in construction, securing materials, tarps, equipment, and creating effective barriers.
  6. Long-Lasting Performance: With a 6-12 month lifespan when exposed to New Zealand's sun, they are a cost-effective solution for protection and stabilization needs.
  7. Heavy-Duty Construction: Engineered with a robust weave, these sandbags are rated to support up to 20kg, ensuring they remain strong and dependable even under heavy loads.
  8. UV Protection: Thanks to UV protectants, these sandbags can handle prolonged exposure to sunlight without compromising their integrity, making them ideal for extended outdoor use.
  9. Virgin HDPE Strength: The use of virgin HDPE guarantees both strength and flexibility, ensuring their resilience in various applications.
  10. Built-in Ties: Each sandbag comes with ties already sewn into the bag, allowing for easy and secure closure, ensuring your contents remain protected and your barriers are stable.
  11. Optimal Dimensions: Measuring at 75cm × 37cm, our sandbags are perfectly sized for a wide range of applications without being cumbersome.

Moreover, we offer laminated bags specially designed for storing powders and fine materials, ensuring your contents remain secure and protected. Choose our Standard Sandbags for flood prevention, erosion control, and peace of mind, providing outstanding quality, versatility, and prolonged lifespan for your protection and stabilization needs. Invest in your property's safety and security with our durable sandbags.

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Standard Bags - 75gsm$1.40$1.20$1.05$0.90$0.75
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Super-Duty Bags - 200gsm$2.95$2.55$2.15$1.85$1.65
Small Sandbags - 10kg Super-Duty$3.75$3.25$2.85$2.55$2.35
Tube Sandbags - 90cm$3.95$3.45$3.05$2.75$2.55
Tube Sandbags - 120cm$4.65$4.15$3.75$3.45$3.25
Tube Sandbags - 150cm$5.35$4.85$4.45$4.15$3.95


Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions75 × 37 × .1 cm
Sandbag Type

Empty Sandbag, 20kg Filled Sandbag

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